General Dentistry

Visiting the dentist regularly for routine and preventive care is essential to maintaining optimal oral health. Getting your teeth cleaned and examined is the best way to avoid larger problems and procedures down the line that could possibly cause more pain and discomfort. At BRAIDC, our general dentist will perform a full exam to make sure that your oral health is where it needs to be.

The goal of our hygiene department is to educate patients on proper oral hygiene and to provide resources for the prevention of dental diseases. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends dental checkups twice a year. At your first visit with our dentist, you can expect a full dental exam that includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Routine radiographs
  • Oral exam (mouth, face, jaw, and neck)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal (measuring gingival pocket depth) exam
  • Diagnosis of treatments needed

Dr. Lee and our hygienists are committed to providing a thorough exam and cleaning and finding any potential issues in their earliest state. Our registered dental hygienists are available to provide preventive dental hygiene care five days a week with available appointments on Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays a month. Contact us today to set up your first appointment!